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Welcome to the Ionian-Silan Lands, corner of Paradise in Calabria

In order to draw attention to the activities included within Axis 3 of the Regional Development Plan and the Local Development Plan, referring to the European Planning 2007/ 2013, the LAG “Greek Sila – South Ionian of Cosenza Area”, thanks to its Information Point which refers to Measure 331, Action 2, set up this website through which anyone who wish to discover, become familiar with and share this corner of Paradise represented by the “Ionian-Silan Lands” of Calabria, is able to understand and live our territory, find out about our hospitality and contact our productions par excellence. It is possible to leaf trough the hardcopy works or use all audiovisual archives created by the LAG and which you can find on this website; visit the links of all local businesses and Agencies to become familiar with and contact them; travel through our maps in order to discover the art treasures, cultural and environmental evidences as well as our ancient and traditional “flavours” and the places where it is possible to enjoy them. All we can do is … whish you an enjoyable web surfing!












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Winter in the Ionian-Silan Lands

by Ernesto Palopoli
(in the collection “Gucce ‘e vita” [Drops of Life] – Grafosud 2005)

The rough sea is white
The blue sky is rich in seagulls
Children play outdoors
You can touch the big sun with your hands.

’Red and yellow flowers melt together
A chicken shakes her feathers
A trembling butterfly fly light.

A sirocco breeze smells sea
Makes the fronds move eternally
(if I close my eyes it seems a song):
But is it the spring?
No! It’s winter…!




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